In My Other Pocket
Concertino for Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble

Performance Notes:
This piece may be performed with or without a conductor.

Drumset: The drumset is written in standard notation, and is intended for a 5 piece drum set. (Preferably 1 rack tom and 2 floor toms, hihat, 2 crashes, Ride cymbal, China cymbal, Splash cymbal, and optional cowbell.)

Marimba 1: 4.3 8va
Marimba 2: 5.0 8va
Vibraphone 1: (standard)
Vibraphone 2: (standard)
Timpani: 4 standard sizes, however a 5th drum may be added to assist with challenging pedaling passages
Percussion 1: Large Tam-Tam, Large Suspended Cymbal, Sleigh bells, Egg Shaker(s), Glockenspiel
Percussion 2: Concert bass drum, Rock shaker, Large Shekere, Triangle, Large suspended cymbal (may be shared with percussion 1)

Demo recording by Robert Zolnowski

Price: $50.00 + $4.95 shipping