Prior Ascension
Duet for Horn and Multiple Percussion

Program Notes:
Prior Ascension is a musical scene based on the idea that music has a constant flow through the universe that we as humans can only tap into periodically. The piece begins with metallic resonating sounds signifying the point of inspiration. It then moves into a free/aleatoric section where basic motives and ideas are derived from the musical flow. These motives are further developed after another series of metallic sounds signifies that the performers are in sync with the universal flow of music. After a second burst of drums, the piece begins to slip from the flow; this breaking apart signifies that the performers are losing their connection with the musical flow. Throughout the last sections of the piece, the shift between dissonance and resolution creates a feeling that the performers are struggling to stay in the flow. Ending as it started, Prior Ascension is a journey along the flow of music from the heavens.




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