Program Notes

Sacrificial Lamb depicts, in a dark and twisted manner, the impending end of our inner child as we approach adulthood and beyond. Motives are derived from popular songs and nursery rhymes, and the tug of war between the playfulness of childhood and the obligations of adulthood is evident throughout the piece.



Player 1 bells, two congas, brake drum
Player 2 vibraphone, bongos
Player 3 vibraphone, field drum
Player 4 chimes, large china cymbal, sleigh bells
Player 5 marimba (4.0), small djembe (or doumbek)
Player 6 marimba (4.3), large djembe
Player 7 marimba (4.5, opt. 5.0), large dun dun (or small, muted concert bass)
Player 8 timpani (4) with option to add 26” or 29” to aid in tuning changes
Player 9 concert snare, timbales, large suspended cymbal
Player 10 4 large concert toms, wind chimes
Player 11 bass drum, tam tam


 Virtual Instrument Demo Recording


Premiere performance
October 5, 2016
Ithaca College
Percussion Ensemble

Conducted by
Gordon Stout

Thanks to:

Gordon Stout Conrad Alexander

Ben McMillan, Katie McInerney, Dan Monte, Caitlin Mellen, Can Syvret, JJ Close, Ben Grant, Grace Asuncion, David Hawthorne, Chelsea Catalon, Ken O'Rourke